E-Commerce Business Advice & Consultancy

Selling in the online world is much different to traditional selling and for new online sellers it’s a complicated space where mistakes can happen quickly and prove very costly. For existing sellers there’s much to learn as the pace of technology moves ever onwards and the rules of the road change.

Here at Digital Discovery we offer a unique online business help, advice & consultancy range of services designed to make selling online as easy, trouble free & most importantly profitable for businesses of any size.

E-commerce Evaluation Services

As a starting point, we can assess your online proposition and report back to you clearly & concisely as to where you’ll fit in in the online retail market.

Working hand in hand with you we can report the opportunities in the market you operate in, the competition you’ll face, the likely demand, your competitor’s pricing & profitability, and the likely sales you can achieve by selling online.

All businesses need information to make informed choices and we’ll give you the information you need to make informed decisions about online retailing your products before you invest in online selling.

E-commerce Setup & Implementation Services

You’ve read our evaluation report, there’s an opportunity for you to grow online, then what? Well, we can then help in making you online sales ready. After meeting with you and seeing your operation we can report back to you as to what you need to do in your operation to be able to sell online. We can help in setting up Linnworks, your new online system, we can provide you with shipping companies, packaging supplies, warehouse systems & help with your work flow processes to ensure efficiency & accuracy.

E-commerce Review, Improvement & Analysis

If you’re already online we can review your existing online operation from top to bottom and report back to you with suggestions & improvements to streamline your processes, improve workflows & ultimately improve your sales & profitability.

Are you looking to expand your online operation? Are your margins squeezed? We can help. We can review your offering, look at marketing campaigns & provide unique niches for you to target. We can assist in creative product offerings offering less competition & more profit.

E-commerce Supplier Review & Improvement

Already online? Are you using the best suppliers there are out there? Every online business needs suppliers who contribute to achieving success online.

We can help review your supplier base. Need a new supplier for products? We can help you find those.

We can also introduce you to third party suppliers. We partner with many shipping companies and packaging suppliers & we can help make your warehouse as efficient as possible using our selected logistics partners.

We can help you with all aspects of your needs to sell online

E-commerce Customer Service Assistance

Dealing with customers can make or break any online business. It’s vital to get your customer service support right. Professionalism & good customer service is a pre-requisite for successful online selling.

We can help. We can provide customer service software and we can also write your customer service email responses for you. All have been tried & tested and we can implement software to make managing your customer services easy & trouble free.

E-commerce Finance & Accountancy Services

Selling online can be cash intensive. Is your cash flow strong enough to service your online sales, particularly when Amazon can take 21 days to pay you?

We can help. We have a wide range of partners we work with who can provide financing specifically for online sellers.  We can introduce you to them & we can manage your proposal to them.

We can also help you deal with your bank. Banks will lend businesses money but they need good quality information. We can provide accountant level financial information & projections based around an online business suitable to help get you borrowing from your bank. This means accounting for eBay, Amazon & Paypal fees, Amazon payment cycles and shipping costs.

We can also come with you to visit your bank, we can help run through the information generated and explain to your bank the various elements they need more information on.

Our accountancy team have specialist knowledge in dealing with online retail businesses. We can prepare management or full audited accounts for your online business which can be used for your information or for submitting to your bank or for submitting to Companies House

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