Call Tracking

What is Call Tracking?

If your customers call you, do you always understand how they found your numbers or what led them to call you instead of your competitors? This information is important if you wish to understand how well your advertising campaigns are working. Call tracking is the perfect way to understand and analyse this information by tracking your referrals.

Call tracking will show you which ad campaigns are leading to direct phone calls to your business. This has been made possible by smartphone technology and makes this form of data very reliable. Your customers simply call you using a variety of different numbers associated with each ad stream, to allow you to see which ad is the most effective.

How does Call Tracking work?

Call tracking works by overriding the phone number on your website and replacing it with a unique phone number for each individual visitor. When the number is called the call is sent to your original number. Each time a new visitor lands on the website the phone number is changed by our software accordingly.

When the call tracking software is able to match the number to a unique visitor, it is also able to tell you more information about the visitor who called such as the marketing method that drove the visitor to the website (E.g. Google AdWords and the keyword) and the pages the visitor looked at etc.

We are also able to tell you the callers number, how long the call lasted, how long it took to answer let you listen to a recording of the phone call.

Call Tracking Features

Campaign & Keyword Call Tracking

Track your phone calls back to the marketing campaign and keyword that generated them for PPC, SEO or any other channel. Ruler also works with Google Analytics to report phone calls as Goals.

Static & Offline Call Tracking

Track phone calls generated from offline campaigns such as print and outdoor or from static campaigns such as e-mail. Ruler provides individual numbers for each campaign or advert to measure the effectiveness and ROI.

Additional Call Features

Phone call tracking also includes other features you might need as part of your telecoms requirements including Call Whispers, IVR (Interactive Voice Recordings) Call Routing and Call Greeting Messages.

Google Adwords & Analytics Integrations

Rulers Official Google Analytics Technology Partner Integration provides automatic integration of phone calls as Goals and Conversions in Google Analytics & Adwords.

Any Number Type - Local or Free in over 50 Countries

Ruler provides Local or Free phone number types in over 50 countries with access to any location specific or free number type variation.

Agency Call Tracking

Our Agency Partner Program provides agencies with access to additional benefits such as a white label dashboard, dedicated support and lifetime referral commission.

Quick & Easy Set-up

Ruler can be up and running within an hour. Integration takes a few minutes and consists of a couple of small code snippets. We can help with this if needed.

Keyword Re-Provided

Rulers Re-provided feature reveals the keywords that Google Analytics has removed and reports as not provided as well as matching the keywords against your phone calls.

Cost Effective & No Contract

Ruler operates a rolling monthly license with no contract and no tie ins. Cancel anytime.

Call Recording

Record every phone call to qualify leads and improve customer service. Ruler allows you to playback and download each call.

Dynamic Number Insertion

Ruler automatically shows a different number to each new website visitor, this allows us to identify individual traffic sources and keywords and not just at a top line campaign level.

500+ Integrations

Our Zapier integration enables the use of your data from Ruler in over 500 other products with no developer time required. E.g. automatically create or update a Salesforce Lead from a phone call including the marketing source and keyword.

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